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How to be Volunteer

Housing shortage is a major problem with which the United Nations is concerned; the UN tries to develop the housing situation globally. Habitat for Humanity, as an entity working together with the UN, always encourages willing volunteers to participate in home builds. We have worked with various sectors for our volunteering program, especially the younger generation worldwide. You can be one of our volunteers by forming a volunteer group in your school, institute, or among friends with a minimum age of 14. Volunteer program allows you to participate in these offering projects in many areas al l over Thailand, including Bangkok.

    • Hearts for Home

Not only can you contribute labor as a volunteer, you could also create sponsorship for the whole construction of a house. You would take an important role in funding and laboring at the same time by forming a group of 15-25 people and participating at the construction site for 4 -7 days. We have many in need of housing in various areas all over the country.

    • One-Day Build

Volunteer groups of not over 25 people would participate at the construction site for a day, working from 9am to 4pm, in locations nearby Bangkok. You would have a chance to experience such a wonderful feeling as giving without condition, with your own labor and some monetary support. This is an opportunity to strengthening teams’ relations and to get to know your team members and friends better.

Note : all volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation and meals. For further details, please contact Habitat’s Volunteer Coordinator : gv@habitatthailand.org and more details : www.habitatthailand.org