Global Village

Global Village Program (GV) is a program where Habitat for Humanity sends volunteer abroad to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the community, work with a family to help them build a home, strengthen their community and enrich both their lives and your own. During your vacation, learn about substandard housing, community development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. The funds you raise help build decent shelter in the country you visit and support the Global Village program.

Global Village in Thailand

Thailand is one of the first GV destinations. Since 1999 Habitat for Humanity Thailand (HFHT) has hosted more than 100 GV teams, including youth and adult teams, church teams, corporate teams and JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) teams from Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A.

The first affiliate of Thailand to host Global Village teams was Udon Thani, the first HFHT affiliate. Following that, we began to get more and more teams coming to Thailand. The next affiliate that hosted GV teams was Chiangmai, Lampang which hosted their first GV team in November 2002 and Nakhon Ratchasrima (Korat), hosted its first GV team in June 2003 and first builder team to Khao Lak Site in the south of Thailand in March 2005.

HFHT Global Village Hosting Factors

Hosting Capacity: Presently, HFHT has 7 HRCs or regional offices which are located throughout the country, HRC-North, South, Central and Northeast.
Hosing Months: Teams are hosted year- round
Team Size : The minimum team size is 15 people; while the maximum team size that can be hosted at all affiliates is 25 people.

How to join Global Village Program?

If you’re interested to join Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program in Thailand and ready to get your hands dirty on the work site, meet the families whose housing situation you are improving, experience the country like an insider and do it all alongside a team of like-minded volunteers. No experience is required! Please contact your local Habitat for Humanity. See where your local Habitat for Humanity office is