We offer a hand to low income Thais by providing decent housing and improving their quality of life. We build hope of a brighter future in sustainable communities. We bring together people from all walks of life and across corporate and government sectors to work toward putting an end to poverty housing. We provide immediate response and solution for natural disaster recovery. To date, we have built, repaired and rehabilitated over 11,500 houses in Thailand helped over 46,000 people all over Thailand.

How we help and criteria for the selection of the family?

The need of an appropriate housing

  • Shall be sui juris
  • Total income less than 25,000 Baht per month

The willingness to cooperate in the process of HFHT

  • The candidates can devote their time to join HFHT and other volunteers to build their own house for at least 20 hours.
  • The candidates must be a person who intends to live permanently
  • The candidates will have to accept the house plan allowed by HFHT
  • The candidates must live within HFHT’s working areas over 1 year
  • Never received any support related housing matter from any organization
  • Home partners who are guaranteed by any respect persons in their community
  • Shall not involve with any kind of drugs or alcoholism
  • Home partners will be selected with nondiscriminatory policy regardless race, tribe, sex, political or religious background

Conditions for the candidate

  • Entitled to possession of the land in accordance with the laws, or it can be issued the land title deeds or certification benefits such as the deed or Nor Sor 3 and are not prohibited from issued the deed as specified in the Ministerial Regulation No. 43 (B.E. 2537) Act Unless it is during progress in hire
  • purchase of land and were paid at least 80% of the price of land – but if the case is allowed to build a house in the land of parent and sibling or the relationship of the companion at the same level or as a sacred ground, will be required to obtain consent to build a house in the land at least 10 years by written permission from landlord with an attachment ID card and a copy of house registration landlord
  • Other government documents, such as Por Tor Bor 5 or Sor Por Kor, are welcome. HFHT consider the document on a case-by-case

Significant Criteria

  • Structural problems or technology of the structure is not appropriate
  • Lack of the opportunity for working
  • Current housing is a dense or congestion.
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • Sources of water are not sanitary
  • Having health problem or health risk
  • Lack of financial evidence
  • Lack of technician or funds for rehabilitates their housing
  • People in need or marginal people
  • Disadvantage (e.g. family leader is woman or child, there is elder, disability in family, etc.)

Remark: Applicants may meet those all criteria or at least one criteria